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Sound Quality

This is my gear and connections: Ibanez JEM77FP---Marshall JCM900 hi gain master volume amp head---amp effects loop--Alesis Midiverb 4 processor----amp to speakers---Line 6 Flextone 2125 cabinet. The mp2 is amazing, you can get brutal distortions and great tones from it. I play lead guitar and you can get those Marty Friedman guitar solos with the mp2, also it fits very well for sounds like Vai and Satriani. The effects are good, not that great (I never use them) but the noise gate it has is a good one. I have played the mp-1 too, and comparing them I preffer de mp-2, the mp-1 is very noisy.


General Comments

I have been playing the guitar 4 years, I have played other preamps like the mp-1, hafler T2 (good one), marshall jmp-1, line 6 pod (crappy solid state), and I would say that the mp-2 is the best one (for my style), and you can get one in a good price (the jmp-1 is so expensive so as the triaxis). Too bad ADA dont longer exist.

If you are looking for a real distortion, I recomend you to get the mp2.

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