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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

At first I laughed when a friend of mine got himself a Vox AD30VT, coz this dude also plays metal. In respect I think Vox makes amp for jazz-pop-rock stuff but c'mon. Vox for metal? ya gotta be a retard.. Well my criticism ended right there after I tried the amp at his house,I was using his B.C. Rich Bich through it. All I could say is that it produced pretty decent metal tones out of the U.S. Hi-Gain model. I was sold on this amp's amp model alone and quickly bought the AD50VT the next few days. Heres what I can say.. I'm using my Schecter C-1 Classic loaded with EMGs thru this amp. My territories are from the amp model UK'80s to US highgain.. i really dig them (except the NUmetal model is a piece of $%^&). UK '80s sounds really close to the real thing (which is a JCM800)really good for midway distortion, it has a huge bottem end but it lacks the amount of gain for death metal (maybe a hot-rodded version or perhaps a distortion pedal in front would make it more satisfying for me).. the UK modern model makes up for that but the bottom end was a bit traded away for loads of gain and mids in which I like to use this model doing harmony riffs and for solos. Now comes to my favorite model.. the US higain, it has a really open bass and slightly compressed mids and highs, great for fast metal riffs. Palm mute chugging with 13s gauge strings in B standard tunning is a wrath to behold.. pure brutal punchfest. I have no need to max out the gain on these.. there is more than enough. I can't say much about the clean amp models, I barely use them anyway but they sound quite pristine, warm,and clear.. considering that I'm using EMGs. The effects on this amp sounds okay but I barely use them either.. I like to use the delay and reverb sometimes.. it can sound satisfying if you tweak it (and tweaking in detail is a bit of a hassle to do on this amp). The power level knob in the back is the bomb.. it does make the amp saturate its tube like it should.. you can get the sag feel of it. I've always kept the volume and master volume on full blast and tweak the knob to a bareable level.


Okay I need to crap on this one.. I've read the reviews here not long ago about the input jack of the amp fallin inwards into the amp. This is true and it DID happen.. it is a &^%$# to get it out again.. u must have some small plier to grip it up out from the hole. So if you're considering of buying this amp, I recommond you guys to tighten the input jack as tight as you can and every now and then if you unplug your cable often. Other than this.. it has never broke down on me yet. I would have to slap them down for the input jack incident. -3

General Comments

I've been playing seriously for 7 years, started from indy-ish alternative rock all the way to death metal at this momemt. If this amp was lost or stolen I would not buy it again coz I'll be too busy savin up for a real all-tube metal amp but I'll always know they make very satisfying amp for band practice and small gigs when you've got to have versatility. Prior in looking for an affordable tube amp, I love the way it can sound for metal but hated the fact that they should improve their built-quality especially the jack inputs.. the knots should be metal, not plastic. I really dig the 12' celestion speaker, it sounds very full and the amp is a closed-back combo = bottom end galore. The only thing i wish it had is an effects-loop, the price might go up a bit but then I don't really mind coz it is still very affordable. For years I've been buying and selling every kind of distortion pedals.. and i can say this.. don't waste ur money and time like i did. distortion sounds best from cranked tube amps, you will hear what you play.. not all that is lost and with this amp's power level feature, you can get that vibe without &^%$#@! ur ear up.. i know most of the metal heads would turn away from Vox but then if you ain't got that much cash to buy a 100watt monster then give this one a try.. i'm glad i did. hands down fantastic value for this price.

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