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Sound Quality

I've used the amp with a myriad of guitars, from custom Tom Andersons, Vintage Gibson Les Pauls, newer strats, a vintage tele, and too many other guitars too mention. It always gets my tone! A Tom Anderson Cobra S and Vintage Les Paul are my main 2 guitars. between the 2 I can cover anything from country to hard rock with this amp. Jazz tones work but are a little lacking and I blame the guitars more than the amp for that. The clean channel is crisp and fat at the same time, the blue channel is my favorite. great distortion that is musical and breathes well, just a slight turn of the volume knob reveals more tones. This amp is responsive to subtle changes in input and delivers the way a vintage Marshall would. the red channel is all out go, leads sing even with the shared eq from channel 2 it still changes the character enough to make it a great lead/ heavier gain channel.


I have only had two issues with the amp ever. First the amp kept blowing the HT fuse, and well it should have. I had a bad tube that was arching causing this problem. I was milking changing the tubes being cheap. After a tube and bias job (which the tech told me biasing wasn't needed) it hasn't failed me again. Only other problem i ever had was a switch on the footpedal going out. Sean at Bogner promptly sent me another one , I soldered it in and no problems since. I've even had it fall off the dolley a few times with no problems, it's built like a tank.


General Comments

I will never get rid of this amp, if it were stolen or damaged beyond repair I would buy another one. I have had it for 8 years or so now and it shows no signs of slowing down or meeting any challenge I throw at it. If you can't get a tone out of this amp you like then you are either tone deaf or have no business owning a complicated fine tube amplifier such as this. Dont expect Nu Meatl tones from this guy, it is built for tone not mush, buy a Boogie if you want all the gain you can get(and the sag to go with it) If you want clear, clean articulate notes that sing, buy a Bogner. I've played or owned them all and I always come back home to my Bogner. I hate to give anything all perfect 10s but I have never had anytihng happen to this amp in a bad way that wasn't my own fault.

Reviewer's Background

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