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Waves IR-1 Parametric Convolution Reverb Native

Sound Quality

There ARE Reverbs that sound a little more realistic IF you buy the IR-1 by itself. There is Audio Ease's product. And the IK Classik. BUT, with Waves, you can buy the IR.x as a bundle and save lots of money and get lots of plug-ins. If you're looking JUST for Reverb ONLY, then check around. BUT if you want MANY plug-ins AND want a top notch reverb, then look into the IR by Waves. Do you need the IR-1? Well, if you bought this by itself, and will NEVER buy anything else, look around. IF you bought this as a bundle with it's simpler version the IR-L (for Light) that has less variables to change, but is the same engine for Reverb, then you can upgrade to the IR-1 IF you really need the variability. Then it's a bargain, cause you got the Bundle with lots of other stuff. 9 other plugins for say the Native Power Pack. So it can be a bargain. And it sounds WAY professional to me. You wouldn't actually think comparing this to other plugins of the same cost that this is terrible. Only that it's different. REAL mixers/masterers of music use multiple plug-ins/Reverbs anyway. I didn't find this disappointing at all. Why? Cause I checked it OUT before I bought it. Imagine doing your homework before griping about a product?



General Comments

By itself, it's not worth the price UNLESS you really need the ability to control room dimensions etc that the IR-1 has over the IR-L. But the IR-1 does give you control other Reverbs don't if you do get it. I recommend getting the IR-L with a Bundle. THEN upgrading when it's on sale to upgrade.

Also, try out the Demo. Read the reviews. Try it out A/Bing it against others (I'm sure new plugins will come out after my review)

I like that you can get new Impulses (settings of reverbs, usable to any type of similar reverb) that can mimic any room or hall on earth. Each instance of the plug-in uses 7-10 percent of your CPU on my computers configuration (see above). So use it as a side-chain. Not on EVERY track.

Reviewer's Background

Have a home studio. Amateur songwriter, do it all myself. Before now, did all hardware. But I've checked out vst's for about 5 years to keep up with what's going on. Been recording/multitracking for 20 years. Got an Athlon AMD 3000Ghz with 2GB RAM. I record on hardware and import the wav files for finishing to the PC. Interested mostly in reverbs, but for the price of an IR versus a bundle, I got the bundle.

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