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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

It doesn't sound like a modeler which is nice because it reminds me more of an analog pedal. Doesn't mess with the guitar's natural tone. I have a feeling it works better with tube amps than with solid state which has been my experience with other pedals in a similar genre. I don't know if it sounds better than the 808 since I've never owned one but it seems to at least impersonate the feel of tube amp overdrive. Its a pretty clean over drive too. The bass can be a little too much so I've been dialing it back a bit. Treble tends to need cranking to about 3 o'clock for any sort of clarity. So far I've only used it with a little solid state Ibanez practice amp and I'm not all that impressed. But then again I'm sure it will sound better on my tube amp. I compared it side by side with a Line6 Crunchtone which I also own. The Bad Monkey is approximately the same tone as the "pop" setting on the Line6 pedal although the latter is slightly brighter and WAY louder. This is my main problem with this pedal because I read somewhere that this one is more powerful than the Tone Driver which I also have but it really isn't. The Tone Driver is much more versatile as well with much more available gain.


General Comments

Overall I'd say this pedal is decent for some applications. It's probably best for boosting a lead channel or adding a little bit of warm drive to a clean channel. By itself it is not for heavy playing styles...you'd need to add another OD or Dist. in there somewhere.

I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt since I haven't used it with my tube amp yet but I don't think I'd get rid of it either way because you never know when your song writing will call for just such a sound as this. And at $40 I don't feel like I'm taking a loss if it sits around for a while.

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