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Sound Quality

For those who say this thing is noisy. For goodness sake off your tv and the computer monitor and stay away from the fan. I was such a fool to think this pedal is noisy in the first place which later to find out the truth that the Boss GE-7 is NOT NOISY AT ALL. Sound quality wise, this deserves full marks for it's function.


Although this is lighter and not as strong as my Marshall GV-2, but it is said by everyone that all Boss products spells quality. So i would not worry about it.

General Comments

I initially bought this thing for solo boost, but to my amazement, it can turn my GV-2 into a Metal Zone. Only then i realise why those heavy metal bands don't use the Metal Zone, guess they use the EQ to turn their amp's distortion into metal distortion.


Shocked by how it can change my sound, i decided i would want to get another EQ. But not the GE-7, but the Dano Fish & Chips =) why? because it's 20 bucks cheaper, but if my GE-7 is lost or stolen, i would definitely buy one again.


Ohh..i play J-Rock, anyone on the same boat i'm so willingly to make friends. I'm not really in for Glay, so don't be fooled by my email address. surcp@glay.org

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