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Sound Quality

To start, this combo is LOUD! The volume knob goes from 1: almost silent, to 2:jump-out-of-your-seat-with-suprise loud! It has phenominal sound quality; crystal clear and resonsive. And to think it comes out through an unheared of Korean driver is beyond me. It doesn't sound quite like any one Jensen, Celestion, or Eminence speaker I've heared before; it's VERY warm, but not particularly tube-like. It has its own tonal qualities. All three-band equalization knobs (BASS, MIDDLE,TREBLE) work very well and create a wide range tones. The amp's built-in over drive sounds slightly cheesey, but not too bad; I've heard much worse. When the overdrive button is engaged, the previously dialed-in gain essentially doubles, creating more of a distortion, rather than overdrive. The points at which the amp sounds its very warmest are: 1- when the volume is between 4 and 5 and the gain is at ten, and 2- when the volume is between 5 and 6, with the gain at 3 and the over drive engaged. I have tested these settings with both an ES-335 and a '52 reissue Telecaster and the two sound equally awesome. The reverb is great aswell. Using this combo with squeeze-boxes increases versitility of tones greatly. Oweing to the amp's size, it is terrific for rehearsal and recording applications. If you feel you must REALLY tweak the tone, replacing the speaker with a Jensen C12Q would warm up the sound quite a bit, however I think it's fine how it is.


This amp is quite reliable and has stood up to countless rehersals. As for it's gigability, being only thirteen years old I haven't tested that aspect to it's fullest extent. However, with the little experience I have had, the amp hasn't experienced any malfunctions during performances. I had to tighten the reverb tank's mounting screws once due to minimal buzzing at high volumes, but that was the occaision that I had to do so.


General Comments

This combo has an amazing value for a mere $150. Its volume and tone are unsurpassable by any other combos in its price range.

Reviewer's Background

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