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Sound Quality

Made a cheap guitar sound expensive - and a decent guitar (Ibanez EDR 470 EX) sound like a bag of 80's heavy metal wank, Which personally i don't mind, but there you go. I have a couple of marshall pedals (Jackhammer and the Guvnor) used a Boss Metal zone thingy and tried the Ibanez tone lok jobbie - Na mate stick it in ya pointy ear - i'll take the dod any day. Depends what ya after for myself i'm a lifelong dod fan so.............


Put it this way someone tried to mug my gran when she was out shopping and for some unknown reason she had 'borrowed ma peddle' the outcome is ma gran is up for assalt with a deadly weapon and she's at least two hundred and four years old!!!!!!!!!!. This crap about the battery flap, it's on the end of the pedal! how do you break it ? have you got strange shoes i know not about? I would gig during a nuclear holocaust with this pedal - cos i know what would be left AND IT WOULDN'T B ME !!!!!!

General Comments

I play noisey {censored}e, suits me fine. Ive bin playing bout 20 years used it through various rigs. Personally i own a really old H/H head and 4 x 12 speaker, set up for what i own - AWESOME. The new stuff on the go (line 6, laney etc) I'd give it a go. BUT MY PEDAL WAS STOLEN and it took me 7 years to get another one, and, as above, guess which ones I'm selling first. Anything i wish i'd had ? - that would have absolutley faff all to do with the pedal so.. IF you get the chance of one cheap give it a go, if not buy a death metal pedal AND TELL ME I'M WRONG!!!!!!!

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