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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

well, lets start. my girlfriend got one for christmas. it has sort of a dry, sound but alright. im not much of a fan of singles, but this isnt really a bad one. it can(could) get through crazy train alright.


ok, now we can get a little bit nitty-gritty. or a lot. the bridge broke off and before that the springs in the back would constantly fall out. the nut has a chip in it, and it gets out of tune easily. lets not forget to mention the lovely "reverse" trem caused by weak springs. lovely sound and the neck is so bowed that robinhood would be proud to have it. im tempted to say no opinion considering that i dont think its even worthy of a hobo. i wanted to give it to the garbage man but i doubt the rotten cauliflower onboard should have to get rid of its spot for this garbage. by my rating i mean .00000000000000000001


General Comments

ive been playing 2 years, i have a peavy amp and a les paul, aswell as a l-6s.(both gibson). this is the biggest piece of crap ive ever seen. well generally with a guitar that is seperated from its bridge you hate the bridge broken. (dont think im wierd just reading the questions above) and i hate the lovely black paint. i wish it had... no. i wish my girlfriend had a better guitar.

Reviewer's Background

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