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Sound Quality

I got my first one of these when I was young and for a long time it was by far the best piece of my collection. Used it on many things and while it's no lexicon I could get decent sound out of it. It was always a bit noisy but i've heard worse..


Depended on it for about 10 years (til 2002) then suddenly everything on the display was jibberish. the presets still work you just can't read which one you're on. A nostalgic feeling came over me one day when looking at it so I recently picked up one on ebay that was meant as a replacemnt to bring some of my favorite patches back to life. Despite the sellers claim that it was in perfect working condition it's in worse shape than the one I was trying to replace.

General Comments

Liked it when it worked, doesn't sound like I'm going to have much luck finding one that still does.

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