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Sound Quality

I Bought this unit used back in 1993 in a pawn shop for $350.00. After about 3 years of use, I sold it to a friend for $150.00, and he gave me a bass rockman to boot. Fast foward to now "2004" and a few weeks ago I bought it back from that same friend for $50. Back when I owned it the first time, I was really a beginner, and only had small Fender, or Crate 1x12 amps, and it sounded great (as I recall) with those little solid state amps. Fast foward to now, and I use it mostly for recording direct into a Focusrite ISA 220 Preamp into a Roland 2480hd. I also own a Valve FX too. The RP-10 works fantastic for recording direct. Now I own several "toob" halfstacks, but I haven't ran it through them yet.


Before selling it to my friend the distortion switch kept sticking. I figured it just needed cleaning. So I popped off the switch button (the black one) and it broke. After years in my friends posession the switch under the button quit working too. The distortion patch still works and can be toggled off from the menu buttons, but not the switch. Everything else works. I ordered a new button from Digitech, and put it on, but still can't be switched from the pedal switch. But overall considering it's age (11 years, or so) it still cleaned up nicely, and looks almost as good as it did when I bought it.

General Comments

I personally play an assortment of styles from Country, Pop, all the way to nu-metal stuff. I've been playing at guitar for over 20 years. If it was stolen, I probably wouldn't look for another, unless I could get it cheap. But I really do like this unit considering it's time period. This was some hot doody back in it's day. I've owned the folling Digitech guitar fx processors. Started with the RP-10, RP-7, RPM-2000, and the Valve FX. The only keepers of those are the RP-10, and the Valve Fx. The RP-7 was great for recording, but sucked with my amp of the time, a solid state Crate Halfstack. I don't use it for all of my studio work but, it's one of those "go to" units when nothing else is working on the song. I have a nice collection of various Boss, and DoD pedals, and nice tube amps, but for some reason I continue to search for that direct recording tool thats the {censored}znit. I've owned the Pod XT, Boss GT-6, an Ibanez virtual amp (theres a handy little box for the studio)and other stuff just for different sound in the studio, any of which will work in the right situation. I don't think it's really the box you use, but more the touch your fingers have with the guitar that makes a particular sound good or bad. Still I search..

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