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Sound Quality

Sounds are ok.


Unit over all is reliable but like everyone else has said the battery is junk. And nobody can seem to find a replacemnet. I think i may have found a few places for battery BT-0001. http://www.mouser.com part # 547-PS-605 amount $ 13.00 each With the same size, type, and power. I do not know if it will work i have not recieved it yet. The reason i say that is because i'm not sure if the connectors will line up correctly. or http://www.ibt-power.com/Btseries.html I couldn't find a direct comparision but it's worth a try.

General Comments

If anyone has a manual or even better an electronic copy of the manual please contact me. If you are interested in the battery i recommended please email me and i'll let you know how it worked for me. Well that is after i receive it.

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