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Sound Quality

This amp only has one channel; clean. You can crank the gain but this amp runs very cool and it doesn't overdrive very much, even with the FAT setting engaged. IMO the FAT channel doesn't sound that great. The cleans sound great though, and the thing I love about this amp is that it takes overdrive pedals really well! If you're the type of person who wants a set clean tone and lets your pedals do the dirty work, this is a fantastic amp. The built-in reverb is one of the reasons I bought this amp; it's full and lush and sounds amazing.


When I bought it used, the reverb tank was busted. Bought a new one for $30 easy enough, and nothing has failed on me since then, even when playing at church twice a month for three years. The tubes run pretty cool too, so they last a LONG time (haven't had to replace them yet) and the amp never seems to feel hot (it gets warm if left on for a while, like tube amps do)

General Comments

I'm very satisfied with this amp and got some sweet tones out of it using my pedals.

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