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William Mathewson Devices (WMD) Super Fatman Envelope Filter

Sound Quality

I'm predominantly using this with a Fender Twin Amp and a PRS Standard 22. By itself, when running purely clean, the filter is rich without ever being harsh in all three modes. There is a bit of added noise when the pedal is engaged, particularly when the filter is opened up, but nothing that isn't to be expected from a filter pedal. The circuit does pick up the noise from the switches being flipped (LP/HP/BP, Envelope Down/Up, etc). I've found that running a distortion with a volume pedal in front of the filter in LP mode allows me to pretty effectively fake some of those mid-seventies Edgar Winter Frankenstein ARP 2600 sounds. Obviously there is a difference in sound, but the filter is so rich that it just sounds wonderful with a distortion running out front. Overall, the sound of this unit is excellent, with a few noise issues. Other than that, I find that I rarely ever use the square wave LFO, as it is very clicky. If I really wanted a step filter/sample and hold sound, I would have gotten a Subdecay Prometheus instead.


Not sure what I think yet. Seems pretty solid.

General Comments

I have an affinity for Daft Punk, Zapp, and pretty much anything else that involves a rich filter sound, and this seems to get me there pretty effectively.


I did previously own a Guyatone Ultron, but I did end up selling it -- at the time, I was rarely using a filter sound, and didn't even know what the differences between HP, LP, and BP filters were. In retrospect, though, this is a much better option for me, as the LFO is quite a bit more "round" than that of the Ultron, I think it's quite a bit easier to dial in a usable sound with this, and it takes up less pedalboard real estate.


If it were stolen or lost, well, I'd be pretty much screwed since I'm broke, but I would definitely try to replace it.


Like I said earlier, I do wish that the CV input allowed me to control the speed of the LFO, but it does not. Other than that, it is an excellent pedal.

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