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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

Sound is bright, clean, ringing. No muddiness anywhere. The bridge humbucker doesn't sound as hot as I might like. I end up playing with the middle single-coil alot. Variety of sound is middling; I would have liked more. But it's OK for most rock-type things. Sustain is pretty good, and there's no buzzing or anything like that. The amp it came with is a gem, I love it, lots of possibilities with just a few simple controls. Trem works fine and doesn't de-tune the guitar, which is rare in this price range, so that's a positive point.


Everything seems OK, it's well enough put together, keeps its tuning, all that functional stuff is good. Finish seems fine. If this was the only guitar I had I would certainly gig with it, and I wouldn't be embarrassed, but it would not be my first choice. I would definitely want a backup. Or rather, I could see using this one as a backup to something better, and do actually plan to use it that way when the occasion arises. As a backup I think it would be fine.

General Comments

This is my "middle" guitar. Below it is a Behringer V-Tone which is strictly for practice, above it a Vantage Avenger which is my gigging machine.

If it were stolen or lost or abducted by aliens, I would spend a little more to get something a little better, quite possibly another Ibanez but with a lower action and hotter humbucker.

Together with the amp it was a good buy and I feel like the value for money is there. I've seen plenty of guitars that cost this much for the guitar alone and aren't a whit better - yet this one came with an amp.

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