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Peter Alerich

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I mostly play rock and use a Gibson Les Paul Standard. This amp rocks! It does an impressive job of creating most of the classic Marshall tones we know and love. As simple as it is to program, it took a little experimentation to get it dialed in just just right. The OD1 channel is fantastic - does a Marshall JMP/JCM tone so close you'd swear it was the real deal. The OD2 is kinda over the top gainwise and has a slightly nasal or midrangey voicing to it and I don't use it at all. The clean channels are usable and among the best I've ever heard in a Marshall product (only the JCM2000 is better) but this is not a Fender Twin. If your tone requires a lot of good clean sounds this may not be the best choice. Were the clean sounds better, it would get a 10 from me here.


I only use this at home but I've never had a problem.

General Comments

I will never part with this preamp and would replace it immediately if it were stolen or destroyed. I am a loyal tube amp player from way back... played the same Marshall JMP head for many years along with a rotating stable of other high end tube amps. I always liked the idea of a rack based system but never heard any preamp worth considering until the advent of the JMP-1. This one's a keeper.

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