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Sound Quality

I run a Gibson SG straight into a Peavey VTM 120. I run the GE-7 (always on) throught the effects loop of the VTM. The amp sounds fairly anemic on its own, so the GE-7 gives it a much needed kick in the ass. The GE-7 does add some hiss but its an overdriven amp for crisesakes! I can live with it.


Typical tough Boss product. Because I have it on all the time, it sits on top of my amp instead of the floor. Maybe it will last laonger because of this. I don't think it will die so I would use it without a backup. If it did crap out, though, my sound would be seriously compromised.

General Comments

I play classic rock, punk, and metal. I also like the Foo Fighters. This is definitely a good match for the heavier stuff. I pretty much boost the lows, scoop the mids, and just slightly boost the 2nd to last high band on the EQ. The amp is really bright but weak. Boosting the lows on the EQ realy give the amp some balls. I would buy it again. I didn't compare it to anything else because I like Boss.Stick with what you know and like.

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