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Sound Quality

This thing has some awesome sounds! I use it all the time, for basically everything, although I don't like the distortion all that much so I run my orange Boss through it. It gets noisy on certain settings and combos (especially Flange with Reverb or Delay) but I'm sure a noise gate would fix that. I don't gig right now but I would use it for any gig in the future. There is sounds in this processor I still haven't heard anybody recreate even with the newer "super" processors. It could use a compressor/sustainer, but that's one reason why they make pedals, right? I use it with my cheap Les Paul copy, my Roland Juno-60 keyboard, and I've used it with my Squire 5-string P-Bass before, but it isn't that great with the bass. Right now I'm running it through my Rogue Bass amp, but it sounds good through my Squire practice amp. I use it for playing Slayer and sounds pretty damn good (with seperate distortion of course). You can get an AC/DC type distortion out of it, too.


Well, it is pretty reliable but a couple of times it started to smoke real bad out of the guitar input and the outputs in the back. I got it used so it is probably due to the previous owner not taking good care of it. Anyway it happened because the 1/4" phono sockets were loose from constant inserting and removing. I fixed it by resoldering the contacts and haven't had a problem since. And after all that shorting out it still works great. The battery is even still good.


General Comments

Well, I play just about any form of rock and roll and it works great for me. If it got stolen or lost, I would definately search for another. I like the sounds, I hate the display, and the sound is the best feature. The only thing it really needs is noise surpression, compression/sustain, and better distortion. I've already recorded with it and sounds good on the mixdown. So if anyone runs into one in a pawn shop, buy it up, you won't be dissapointed, unless you payed more than $100. But even then, if you consider when it was made, it still sounds awesome for today and would probably be worth it.

Reviewer's Background

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