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Sound Quality

The chorus, delays, and flange are great. The distortion and reverbs aren't. Make sure you have a noise suppressor (a Rocktron HUSH goes for almost nothing today), as this is a very noisy unit on the distorted settings. The distortion is the weak digital kind, so I just use the distortion on my amp. Reverb is pretty weak. Otherwise the effects are surprisingly good.


The GSP-5 has never let me down.


General Comments

I've had the GSP-5 for about 3 1/2 yrs. now and it's always performed great. I've bought a Zoom 9050 since, which is much more up to date. I will, though continue to use the GSP-5 as it is a great secondary effects unit. Don't look to be the next John Petrucci with this thing, but for a first-time or secondary effects rack, the GSP-5 can't be beat. It goes for almost nothing today.

Reviewer's Background

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