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Sound Quality

I have used it with a Peavey quad and a peavey combo and it worked out ok, I guess. As all the other reviews have said the distortions sux majorly. but remember this is early digital for digitech so they will suck. The chorus' were ok but the noise was pretty annoying and seemed to come into every clean effect (flange/phase/trem). the amps sim. now is very out dated and almost useless. I used it with with direct to desk in my studio and it was always totally unusable. You have to have a pretty nice amp to make the digital disappear. I use alot of different guitars like tele's, steel strings, 335's and my jackson ps collection. The 335 is the worst, the feedbacking will overide the noise gate, you don't want that kind of attention at a gig ! I asure you, I have video evidence. When changing patches the noise gate would never work, so you would set the volume low and that would screw you up when you changed patches during a song. it was totally impractical. Now the kids taunt me, they call me "one tone willie !" I was need really about to get the same sounds twice, the presets were terrible and when I got the new rom they got worse and there was more of them.


whats that ! the fact that I have spent $500 on repairs not only indicates I am an idiot for buying it but it shows that it is a very dodgey digi ! I would use it without a backup but only because I have a great sense of humour and it makes for great entertainment went it breaks down ! I am so looking forward to when I can afford to ditch it on some poor sap !

General Comments

I have played Goth/industrial and blues rock but am now into metal and I would say its passable for amateursbut not a professional rig at all so don't even think about it. I am looking forward to replacing it

with something more prefessional like a roland v guitar. If stolen I would have a party for it ! I thought the metal casing would be good but the plastic bits have let it down majorly. There are better things on the market now, this was never one of them !

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