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Sound Quality

aarrggh i bought this on a whim and despise the sound of DOD, thinking maybe this would be different.. but its quite bad, not tweakable [despite the WEIRD knob names!] i play an aria proii and a fender jag, and i use mainly analog pedals and racks, i particularly like ring mods so i got this one on a list with the moog ring mod, frostwave, modmax, freq analyser, lovetone, zvex ringtone and let me tell you, playing these in connection with one another will yield some incredible otherworldly magic, but adding the gonkulator anywhere to the chain somehow flattens my sound and it brings a terrible distortion to it. i hate DOD.


all right i guess but we'll see when i throw it out the window. not as much of a tank as boss or e.harmonix..

General Comments

was fun for one second.. cant recommend it, unless you have no idea about ring mods and dont spend more than 15 20 on it.. the thing goes for 100 bucks on ebay??? who the heck thinks theyre buying a weird alternative pedal for that when you can get much better ring mods for much cheaper?? terrible terrible pedal, sorry fellas dont fall for the weird knob titles. been playing for years. gets in the way of my music, doesnt add anything .. i got mine for 35 and even this was too much

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