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Sound Quality

I didn't need to test this pedal with any of my gear, just the Fender Twin and Strat in the guitar shop told me all I needed to know. It's not a good flanger. The biggest and most obvious mistake is not being able to adjust the depth of the flanger, so you have to put up with the level it's pre-set to. The actual flanger sound is okay, not particularly awe-inspiring as the DOD FX-747 can be when set up right. The controls allow accurate shaping of the sound, it's a shame the sound isn't that good. It's just a weak pedal, thats all. It's the worst flanger I've ever tried (out of about 4 including the one the the GT-3 Multi-FX, the Danelectro Hash Browns) and it's also the worst Boss stompbox I've used out of at least 15 I've tried. It's odd that Boss could get it so wrong on a pedal, but do a much better (not perfect but better) job on the GT-3.


It's up to Boss' usual high standard of production. A friend of mine recently picked up an original OD-1 - 25 years old and dented and stained, but it still works. I think the same is true here. Personally though I wouldn't be bothered if it broke or not.

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for around 5 years now, and I personally really like using effects other than overdrive or distortion every now and again to add texture to a song. As such I would say I've got an ear for it.


If I had bought this I would have been very disappointed. If I had bought it and someone stole it, the actual loss of the pedal wouldn't bother me. The money I lost would though. Then again, if I'm stupid enough to buy it and someone is stupid enough to steal it...


I know a lot of people love this pedal, but when I can only vaguely hear the sound it makes over the original sound I don't see the point of it. Save yourself some money and buy another Flanger that isn't this one.

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