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Sound Quality

A little note here - I will point out that when I bought this pedal I'd only been playing 2 1/2 years and didn't really know the difference between good and bad tone. Now I've been playing almost 6 years and I know what I like, tonewise. This pedal is alright for a cheap one. I liked it a lot as at the time I was using it to cover up the mistakes in my playing... not that it worked anyway, I just sounded crap. Maybe it was the fact I was using cheap as chips equipment, maybe it's because it's a distortion box and I don't like distortion (too much compression not enough note definition). I now have better equipment and a better ear for tone and that means I hate the sound of this pedal. It's crappy, edgey distortion. With character yes, if you like harsh buzzsaw guitar sounds. Some do. I prefer bluesy AC/DC style heavy overdrive sounds. In some ways I love the fact it sounds nasty, but it's totally useless to me now.


It's hardly Boss and it's got a lot of plastic on it. My one started to get messed up as soon as I bought it. After 6 months the on/off switch started to get erratic and wasn't as smooth as before. After a year the battery connections came away from the PCB. Not good. Would I use it on a gig without a backup? I wouldn't use it a gig! In fact I wouldn't use it at all now, even if it was reliable. Even Line6 Flextone amps sound better than this, and they're crap!

General Comments

I play mostly classic rock/punk these days. When I bought the FX-101 I was heavily into Nirvana, Soundgarden and other grunge bands and I thought this pedal made me sound like them. Listening back to recordings I made in those days, it doesn't.


I think if you like a particular type of tone this would suit you. When I say I hate it and I think it's crap it's purely because my taste in sound has changed. I traded this for a Boss OD-2 TURBO OverDrive and I liked that pedal a lot more. I also own a Boss GT-6 and I love the drive tones on that, even if they are digital.


What do I love about it? The fact you have a choice of whether to use it or not. Also, the speckled grey finish on the metal work looks good. What do I hate - the tone, the crap construction.


If it had been stolen now, if I still owned it, I wouldn't be too bothered about losing the actual pedal. It helped me make a lot of noise back in '99. It's rubbish now.

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