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Sound Quality

I don't own one of these (yet!), but I've used them and they are essential for getting a decent, clear tone. It's always important to note that the more gain you use, the more the overall tone is compromised and the harder it becomes to balance out and control the sound, even with one of these. There isn't much point me listing a specific EQ setting as some others have done because how something sounds is based on acoustics of the room, volume of the signal, how many and what type of instruments you are playing with, what guitar(s) you use, what amp... lots of variables, which means what works for one guy, or what works in one place might not work so well in another. I own a Dano EQ that is almost identical to this, at least it was until it decided to break. That's why I'm getting one. I'll give it an 8 cos I know they're good, but I can't say how noisy it'll be with my rig. My personal recommedations are to try and level match the volume of the sound with the EQ on or off (some cheaper pedals like mine add noise when you raise the level, so this might not work in all cases). I know some people have said never boost always cut - but I do a combination of both. If I just cut, I'd never get the right tone. I personally think these work best after a OD/Distortion/Fuzz box, or at the end of the chain.


Come on, we're talking BOSS here. I've had enough of their products (MT-2, OD-2, CH-1, PH-2, GT-3, GT-6) to know they're pretty much the best you can get.

General Comments

This is a great piece of kit and I look forward to getting mine to replace the cheap piece of crap one I bought.

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