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Sound Quality

When I first bought it over 8 years ago, I was using a cheap Lotus dual humbucker solid body with the GSP-5 plugged into my home stereo. I still have the same cheap Lotus, but now I'm running it into a Carvin powered mixer. The GSP sounds clean both ways. The distortion effects are a bit metallic, not anywhere close to a tube overdrive sound, but not terribly bad. The preset chorus reverb effects in the 91-98 range are awesome. You really need to run this thing through a stereo amp to appreciate all it's capabilities, such as the flanger, and stereo ping-pong effects.


I bought it at least 8 years ago, and have used it alot. So far (knock on wood) it hasn't let me down.


General Comments

I play mostly blues based rock and some alternative/progressive stuff. The chorus reverb presets sound great for doing ELP or Boston acoustic stuff, there's a distorted preset at 35 that I like to use for a heavier sound like the main Aqualung riff. I've since bought a Crybaby that really smooths out the distortion sustain to give it an _almost_ tube like quality. If it were lost or stolen I'd probably go out and buy another one, but not without checking up on the newer stuff that's out now.

Reviewer's Background

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