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Sound Quality

I run it directly into a Marshall Valvestate 100 head, and it sounds pretty sweet. I only wish it had better distortion. Not to complain, 'cuz it more tham makes up in every other area.


Absolutely!! The lack of a power off function is a bit puzzling, but a friend suggests that ART was more or less assuming that the user would be installing into a rackmount, and connected to a main power switch/power bar that would turn everything on/off at the same time.

General Comments

For the price I paid, I can't imagine getting a better deal. They say ignorance is bliss, well bless the ignorant that sold this unit for about 1/4 of what it was really worth. As far as music style, I don't think it'd really matter because it has pretty much every effect you could want unless you're looking into spending a good chunk of change

on a more up to date unit. I'd have to say that if you're looking for a basic 'has everything' kind of unit, if you can find one cheap, grab it before someone else does.

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