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Sound Quality

Excellent sounding unit, with the HUSH built in and the compression you can really have a quite smooth sounding tremolo. I didn't notice a volume drop when the tremolo is kicked in like I do on my Peavey Valverb. This unit is designed for -10db circuits such as the input of an amp. I have this in my home studio and will use it as needed. I do also have 2 Peavey Valverbs one at home and the other in my gigrig. For recording at home I prefer to use the Big Surf for tremolo. I do also have a Voodoo Labs Tremolo - both 2 and 4 knob units, Diaz Tremodillo, and a Fender Twin Reverb original silver face and this unit does have the clearest tone, it does have the splash you get from the reverb being mixed as in the Twin or the Valverb.


Seeing that I have only had this unit for a couple of weeks it may be premature to rate reliability. This unit is built in a stought steel case and the unit only weighs about 6 pounds. I have a number of other Rocktron products and have never had any reliability issues.

General Comments

I play rock and blues mostly but have ventured into jazz. I have been playing since 1976 and I own an insane amount of gear (27 guitars, 12 combo amps, 10 heads and over 16 preamps and 12 power amps). Based on my extensive collection of gear I can highyl recommend this unit. If it was stolen I would search out another Big Surf. It does seem to have everything the Surf tremolo pedal has but being rack mounted, but this seems to have a clear tone than the pedal (Which I own).

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