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Sound Quality

I'am using it with, in order: Yamaha Pacifica 712 (humbucker)+ Korg A-5 pedalboard(for compresion, multiple delays and level of signal)+ Cry Baby WhaWha + Zoom 4040 pedal board with my Boss MT-2 Metalzone in the external loop + BOSS GE-7 and all this go to a MK II Marshall 100W Superlead with 4 celestion speaker box. I have reached the compact tone I was looking for putting the Ge-7 the last in the effects chain, but is your choice.... The sound quality is GREAT!!!


Is a Boss, and I don't think it will break up!

General Comments

Don't care about the music you play, becouse you will need this pedal.

If you start to equalize and find problems, you must still trying, becouse the tone you are looking for is there.


Great for metal: Iced Earth tone is here, but maybe you will need a

compressor too, becouse the best combo is using it with the MT-2, but the power it gives is too big for playing without a compressor.

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