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When shopping for a home practice piano, I compared several sub-$1000 models and reduced my options to the affordable, portable Yamaha P-85, the slightly-less-portable Casio PX-800, and this (the Casio AP-200). Of the three, the Casio AP-200 was the most expensive and least portable, but it also had the best key action, the best speaker sound, and the most attractive stand. Overall, it was the closest thing to a real piano I could find for under $1000. For a home practice piano it's about perfect, although if I started to get into MIDI/synth/computer composition I would probably switch to something more portable.


I really liked the key action, especially compared to the similarly-priced Yamaha P-85 I tried while considering the AP-200. The keys feel solid, and there is a nice "thump" when a key hits bottom. (One bad side effect is that the thumping of the keys is audible to bystanders when you're playing with headphones.) Key feel is subjective so you should really try keyboards out in person if you can; at least I can tell you that you will notice a difference between the Casio and Yamaha actions.


The first AP-200 that I bought had a defect: there was an artificial-sounding ringing or echo (like a really crappy reverb filter) during the decay, most noticeable in the high notes with the volume turned all the way up. It was subtle but very annoying once I started listening for it. I exchanged that model, and the new one did not have this problem.

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