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Sound Quality

The tube days are over. No musician I know wants the hassle, expense, limitations and weight of years gone by. The Cyber Deluxe produces excellent sounds good for all styles of music. I can store 32 patches created by others or myself. There's a few good presets but the real trick is patience and tuning into your idea of the perfect sound. Of course what sounds good today sucks tomorrow which is the beauty of being able to dial in and save a new sound. Another plus is you don't need high volume for great sound. This amp can sound sweet at any volume level. A plus depending on your venue. Hard to define sounds. This amp is very capable of warmth and chunk found in tube amps. It's armed with a collection of classic amps with a bag full of tricks to go. Very alive and responsive to playing style.


Treat it like your computer because it is a computer. 5 year transferable warranty.


General Comments

Lost track of the amps I've owned/played over the years. Fender created a great sounding and versatile amp. There is no perfect amp. There are those that rise above others. The Cyber series and newest Vox amps are the best all around amps at this time in the under $1000 range.

Reviewer's Background

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