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Sound Quality

No complaints. I laugh at the kids below that give it low ratings. Be intersting to see what they're playing. Superclean, Fender tones of course, Roland jazz tones and Marshall crunch can be dialed in and all are very good. They didn't skimp on the effects quality. If you're not the type to read manuals or invest time in learnng the capabilites of advanced equipment you might want to look at something else. To fully enjoy the sounds that the Cyber-Deluxe can provide you'll need to spend a little time reading and tweaking. I'd love to see a pros and cons shootout with a similiar priced tube amp. Read what the old timers that have played forever are saying below. Solidsate has taken great leap in the past few years.


No problems and the 5 year transferable warranty was a huge selling point. Arriving without a backup shows little respect for your audience.


General Comments

Best overall amp in my 25 years of playing. Vox seems to be making good amps these days to compete with the Cyber series. Line6, Marshall and others I compared still sounded too digital. I can grab a guitar and this amp and cover alot of ground. Compared to what was avialable just a few years ago and the improvements in sound it was the amp that made the most sense.

Reviewer's Background

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