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Sound Quality

Before the mod the GE-7 was nasty to be honest. After the mod it's near silent and better than some of my other boutique pedals. I use the pedal in one of the loops in my TC G-System and adds no perceived noise to my signal and to add some bottom end to the Class-A Bright Mode of my Blackstar Series One 100 Head. Mucking about with eq settings shows the PedalMods GE-7 to be in keeping, noise wise to my Keelly 4 knob compressor if not a little better.

Before the Boss GE-7 gets a rating of 2.

After the PedalMods GE-7 gets a rating of 10.


Opening up the back of the PedalMods GE-7 shows the mod to be very neat and tidy. I give it a rating of 9 because in has been modded.

General Comments

This is what PedalMods do to your GE-7.


Basically we remove pretty much all the capacitors that are in the signal path that either add unwanted noise to the signal, or make the signal sound harsh or unnatural. These are replaced with metal film capacitors, the values are slightly tweaked so as to make the frequency response more guitar friendly. Then we remove the opamps that are used to boost each of the frequency ranges, plus another opamp that's used to boost the overall gain. In their place we fit audio grade equivalents with very low harmonic distortion characteristics. If you were to pull apart a £300 'boutique' pedal you'd see the same grade components.  Many companies offering GE-7 mods tend to swap out the absolute bare minimum, we take the opposite approach and try and make the pedal as good as it could ever be - within the design limitations of the circuit!


For just £32 it makes you wonder why Boss does not make the GE-7 silent in the first place and that paying £125 for my Keelly modded DS-1 when PedalMods could have done the same for half the cost is a bit of a joke. Anything that you can get done in the US, PedalMods can do hear in the UK to the same high standards. My BD-2 will be on it's way to pedalMods soon.


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