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Sound Quality

'01 Schecter S1+, Marshall JCM900 50 w, Morley volume/wah and vintage tube screamer...it can be noisy, and the 'gate cuts out early, as previous users have mentioned...overdrive is OK, other distortions iffy & very "solid state"...decent flange, chorus, reverb.


It is built like a truck...I have read posts on it having "seizures", but have never seen this on mine. It does get warm, maybe raising it up a tad would relieve temp.'s.

General Comments

I am just beginning to play again seriously after about an 8 yr. layoff. I like guitar-driven rock (STP, AIC, even old hard rock/metal). I love the ease of operation "on the floor". I don't like the distortions, but my Marshall makes up for that. If it were lost or stolen, I would of course look for something more modern, but this isn't so bad, and it replaces many stompers...it is a nice adjunct to your axe and amp.

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