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Sound Quality

Absolutely fantastic. I am not an anal sound freak who has been confined to his bedroom like perhaps the previous pundit. This is a practical simple industry standard bit of gear that has a number of uses in a live rig. I use it in the fx loop of my marshall to provide a solo boost which is controllable. It does that maginificently better than any other pedal for the money. It can be used to balance your signal when doing a guitar change or to shape the tone for a different song etc. It is very useful bit of gear that you will find a on many GIGGING guitarists pedal boards.


I have neever had a boss pedal go wrong - ever. I am 40 and have always gigged Boss stuff. Recently I was duped into getting a Digitech tuner. Bad mistake!

General Comments

Brilliant pro piece of gear that should be on your pedal board somewhere.

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