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Ethan Lewis-lFL8f

epiphone SG-310 "Hi-Performance" Electric Guitar Pack with Valve Junior Amp

Sound Quality

Well... I guess it worked for me when I got it. I originally used it in a punk/hardcore band but when we broke up I decided it was time to upgrade. I don't really like hardcore anymore. I used it with a Marshall something or other (a cheap one). It was way too noisy for my tastes, but managed to provide a decent 'crunch' if that's what you're going for.


Well to sum it up this guitar convinced me to stay away from Epiphones for the rest of my life. First of all and probably most noticable is the fact that the neck became loose soon after I got it. It got so that the slightest pressure on the neck would cause the tone to bend up. This wasn't a problem at first because I just tightened the neck bolt but eventually the wood got worn away and the screw had nothing to grip onto. This was solved at first by jamming toothpicks in the hole but eventually not even that worked. I just had to give it up as a lost cause. But that's not the end of my troubles. I had to take off the bridge by unscrewing the bridge bolts all the way. But the nuts in the body got pulled out in the process and i had to reglue them in. Also if you have this guitar do not attempt to open the back panel very often. After I did it twice it began to be lose the threads on the inside much like the neck bolt. Also be very carefull with the cheap screws. On mine they all are corroded now and there's no way for me to open it up. One last thing: the jack for the output gets very loose and you must tighten it frequently or else it will fall inside and you'll have to risk opening it up.


General Comments

Well after about a year of playing it I threw it in my closet and upgraded to a Fender Strat. If you are the most gentle person in the world, one who doesn't ever need to take anything apart for any reason, someone who makes sure they polish their guitar after every use... then maybe this guitar will work for you. The sound is ok but I wouldn't ever use it for a gig. It's obvious by listening to this sad story that it also isn't very durable, it nearly fell apart in my hands. If you take my advice you'll be a man, save your pennies, and get a real Gibson SG. The quality and workmanship will blow you away compared to this hunk of crap.

Reviewer's Background

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