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Sound Quality

It's amazingly great sounding when you consider it's size. The build-in speaker, though, is practically useless in extreme situations with a lot of lows... in fact, those speakers do _not_ sound like what it would sound like when going thru an amp or a PA system. The Zoom-Noise-Reduction works great... really cuts the noise down. Unit also sounds good using headphones (so you can practice and write with effects right at your finger tips). However, each parameter for individual effects have limited range (usually 0 - 16). You might find that you really want a sound between 8 and 9... this can be very annoying as you can imagine! And also, the CD-in comes in very low levels... almost impossible to hear the CD when playing along. Some of it's good points: Distortions are nice, you get a few different kinds (slightly dirty rhythm, 2 over drive, 2 distortions, 2 leads, and metal). Good sounding chorus and reverbs (hall and room, both with adjustable mix level)... delay is also nice (again, with adj. mix level) - delay and reverbs cannot be used at the same time though. Amp Similator really changes the tone of your sound (though I don't know if they really sound like what they're suppose to, nice to use anyway). 2 types of compression, works okay... flanger is cool... different types of wah (never cared for auto-wahs anwyay). 2 types of EQ - both extremely useful when shaping your sound. And you _must_ check out the "Enhancer" effect... great for clean, terrific for acoustics!


so far, no problem with it what-so-ever. I would definitely gig with it... great for simple effects when you don't need a full rack. Take it with you and practice/write with it when traveling.

General Comments

You can get very good sounds from it for the price you pay. If you're looking for some basic effects all in one unit, this is great. Very useful for practice and writing using headphones. I found that I'm able to get better clean sounds than distorted ones. I would definitely buy this unit again it anything happened to it.

I haven't used the unit with batteries yet... nor would I... get the adapter! :) You can imagine what it would be like if your batteries die on you while performing!

Nice feature: speaker can be on or off (push button) when using headphones or regular output. There's a master volumn knob on the side to control the output (for speaker, headphone-out and reg out).

24 user presets, nice... 40 _unchangable_ factory presets (which we all know are useless), dumb!

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