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Sound Quality

I bought this unit for use with synths and electric pianos and to be honest I wasn't impressed with it. No problems for me with noise but the thing just took the top end out of the stuff I put through it. This didn't seem to matter too much when I used it on a guitar once or twice but for sweet sawtooth synth sounds the bright fizz just wasn't there. Same thing for Rhodes patches, keine top end. I tried using it as an aux send instead of in-line and due to the a/d d/a stages I got that out of phase blurred sound so it ruled it out for me. As someone else wrote the best thing you could use it for would be water drip noises and thips but in this role it isn't very practical and imho still not worth it. I used two different Fazes with a Ampliton (which I've kept) and kept on getting digital glitches. Some good ideas with the contrary motion stereo phaser and triggered mode but at the end of the day the phaser sound just wasn't outstanding or even that good quality. Seemed to pass audio cleanly when effect was bypassed though.


Not really applicable as I only ever used it in my studio for a couple of months.

General Comments

Unless you get it offered for dirt cheap and you really need an average hardware phaser I wouldn't bother.

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