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Sound Quality

If you are prepared to tweek to match your own gear its unbeatable with superb distortion sounds from the twin valves and high quality effects devices. Its very quiet and has balanced outputs for direct inject into a mixing board. Its the best sounding unit I could lay my hands on.


Its built like a tank, I have used it in the studio and for gigs, no problem.

General Comments

This is one of the best toys I have ever bought. Check it against the other preamps in your local guitar shop and you will not be dissapointed. It cost a fair amount but then again if you want the best you gotta pay for it. I've been playing guitar for many years now and this is the most revolutionary improvement in my playing enjoyment since I bought my first Marshall amp & stack. It has practically everything you could ever want out of a preamp/effects device. AS you can tell I love the thing.

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