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Sound Quality

When the unit works, it sounds OK. The effects are a little brittle at times, but EQ can help. It's got a huge selection of effects, so it would have made a killer addition to my home studio. This unit would probably have gotten higher marks for me in the sound quality area, if only I could have kept the thing going long enough to fine-tune it a bit more. See below.


I only give this unit a "1", because the form won't let me give it a NEGATIVE number. The ART DR-X has to be, without a doubt, the single most unreliable, messed-up, crashy, buggy, horrible device I have ever encountered in my musical career. It freaks out if you bump it, plug it in, hell, even just look at it! I've had it for about three years, and it has worked for maybe two weeks out of that time. What's more, I've sent it in for repairs a couple of times. It always comes back just as screwed up as before.

General Comments

I could not recommend ART to anyone, for any purpose. If you should ever encounter a piece of ART gear, do not allow it to come within several meters of any existing, quality gear, or it will likely cause major electronic malfunctions by osmosis. I am convinced that my DR-X is somehow responsible for my inability to have a stable and satisfying relationship with members of the opposite sex. I would hurl the ghastly waste of printed circuit board and steel from my balcony in a fit of rage, but I'm afraid that some small child might pick it up and send it in to ART for repairs, thus passing the curse on to another hapless victim. Oh, and never approach ART gear in the evening, when its powers are strongest.

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