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Sound Quality

running directly into a 4trak via an Alesis MX8 ,and strapping a Charvel custom axe,(solid body,rare find) its not too noisy for what i use it for,,the sound is out of this world,like joe satch,zappa,page ,just to name a few. some of the effects are not as good as others but i dont care i love this little unit


I havent gigged with it cuz i dont gig much but i would have no problem using it with confidence!


General Comments

I play my own music and that ranges from ABBA to Zappa,26 years under my strap,if lost or stolen i would try to buy another one on EBAY which is where i bought this one and actuall ive tried to find another on but havent found one yet,i just love the preset sounds they come in pretty clear through my mixer to my 4 track,i was going to buy a midiverb 4 but this unit was cheaper and im in my 40's and like the older sounding effectsim also in a trial&error phase in my recording so this unit fits the bill for now..ive created some old school leads with it and am very happy with the sound it gives.its simple to use but if you get into the tweaking and pruning parts of it good luck!

Reviewer's Background

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