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Kevin -4GXzM

Gretsch Guitars G6120RHH Reverend Horton Heat

Sound Quality

It sounds just like a great Gretsch. Its really a lot like the Setzer model but with just a few changes. The pickup output is actually higher than the Lollar Pickups on my Es-335. The sounds can go from mellow and jazzy in position #1 to tele sounding in #3. Position #2 is a good all around place to get a lot of usable tones. The pickups have a little hair on them in terms of sound and the bridge pickup is placed very close to the strings. It is hard to adjust the pickup height of either pickup and should be done by a tech. The volume on the bridge pickup is slightly less than the output of the other 2 pickups. The guitar is great for early rock and roll or of course rockabilly. I just love the sound of this guitar, it is very different from my 335 or any other guitar I own. The bigsby adds a wonderful touch, but don't expect to be able to dive bomb on it.


Well made, good finish, solid and trustworthy.


General Comments

This is really a great guitar. The thing about the guitar I like is its unique tone. It plays easily and is one of my favorite guitars. I own a lot of gear, really to much to detail. I can recommend this guitar highly as long as you set it up properly.

Reviewer's Background

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