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Sound Quality

I play rock and blues. Have played this through a Swart AST Mk II and a "D style" clone amp. Hard to describe the sound others than ballsy and cutting. Fills the gap wonderfully between a HB pickup and a gritty Fender single coil. More attack an thicker than single coils generally sound and much gritter than a humbucking equipped guitar. Sound is where this instrument shines.


I see no reason why this guitar wouldn't hold up well. It's simple and there's not much to break.


General Comments

This is the second H137 I've owned. Sold the first after being unable to bond with the neck. I then fell in love with a fat-necked Telecaster. No comfy with big necks, I looked for an opportunity to get one of these again. Glad I did. It will get as much play as anything I own.

Reviewer's Background

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