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AKG WMS 40 Flexx Sports Wireless Headset System

Sound Quality

I chose this because it's supposed to go down to 35 Hz, and I'm a bass player. On my Precision Special (4 string) this thing sounds fantastic, absolutely identical to a cable. Completely noise free, total bottom end, very convincing.


Only had it a month, used a few times on club gigs (slightly unnecessary but I couldn't help myself) and it's great. I would never use it without a backup cable ready to go, regardless of it's reputation.


General Comments

I play Blues, R&B (old style, not modern joke) and rock, this thing works well with all of it. Even playing delicate stuff at low levels, it sounds super clean, uncompressed ( there is a compander in it but no audible artefacts) and full-range. I've been playing 30 years, GK RB400 head, JBL 15 box, RNC studio compressor in insert line of amp, Fender Jazz and Fender Precision basses. Stopped needing pedals once I got this stuff together, it sounds huge.


I chose this product because it was mid-priced, I read so many bad reviews of everything but the Sennheiser, Shure, and AKG wireless systems, and also because this one has diversity.

Reviewer's Background

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