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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I bought it just for 1 purpose: lead guitar boost. My setup is Telecaster>ernie ball volume>RMC wah>analogman bi-comp>analogman King of Tone>SupaTrem>Orange Rocerverb 50 amp. Effect loop is Eventide Time Factor>BBE Boosta Grande. I tried it as the last pedal in the chain and it added crunch, but not much volume. Then I put it last in the effect loop and Bam! Perfect volume boost without changing my tone, and plenty of headroom. I have been trying other things to boost solo work, but it usually just ended up more gainy and not louder. This does not color the tone at all, very transparent.


It looks as well built as most of my other pedals, I'm not afraid I'll break it.

General Comments

I've played guitar for 20 plus years, owned lots of cheap gear and lots of expensive gear. More expensive doesn't always translate to better sound and cheap gear doesn't always suck.

This pedal does what I needed it to do and I'm very pleased with it. I gig all the time and this gives me more control over my volume. It has a permanent place on my pedal board.

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