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Ibanez Gio GSR206 6-String Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

i play lots of hardcore stuff and stuff that requires wierd low tunings. and with this guitar i get versatility, i can play staind's baritone tuning with this guitar or korns dropped A style with only dropping the strings a few steps. not a noisy guitar. i play it through a crate GX-1200H head & a crage 4x12 cab. sounds very badass through it, and when i throw in a cool effect from the korg ax1g effex processor it sounds ever better. it gives off a very nice full, rich sound. it can give off great tone when on a clean channel or can crunch harder than hard on some hard distortion.


this guitar withstands live playing and doesn't break strings easily, i break lots of strings and of my 4 guitars, this one breaks strings the least. the strap buttons have always stayed on and never needed tightening. i've had this guitar about 2 years and its never needed much repair. the finish is still great with almost no chips

General Comments

i've been playing guitar for about 5 yrs. and when i plug into my crate halfstack it sounds just as metal as you can get. it has everying i need and always meets my expectations. if it were stolen i'd probably buy another one or one like it.

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