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Jeff in NB

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

HW1 Strat-->CS3-->Bad Monkey-->Digitech X Series Delay-->Stock Fender Blues Jr. This basic setup gives me most of the tones I am looking for playing rock, blues, and country styles. The Monkey is very quiet in comparison to the Tubescreamer it replaced. It has nice breakup as you roll the gain knob clockwise going from a natural sounding country OD to texas blues tones at a higher gain. The Low and High tone knobs seal the deal for me because it gives flexibility in the tone that a TS doesn't have. I like how you can dial in the mids but they don't HAVE to be there like with the TS. I also like how it cleans up when rolling off the guitar's volume. I tried this effect in the store with a Screamin' Blues and this one won the comparison. I liked the two stomp boxes in tandem as a mild OD/boost and higher distortion, but I could only justify one purchase at the time.


No probs with Digitech yet at all.

General Comments

I'm mainly a bedroom player so I can attest for this pedal out on the gigging circuit, but it is well-constructed. It is the best OD pedal I've owned, including Tubescreamers, and it was far less expensive. Save for boutique quality and priced pedals this effect is the way to go for overdrive.

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