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Sound Quality

well, it has a lot of sound, that's for sure. you just have to be very carefull. first of all, it has a range of extremely bright to overly mellow, all with one sweep of the tone knob. at bright, you could pretend you were a rockibilly with sideburns, and at mellow, it's a jazz box with dead tone. somewhere inbetween is the sweet spot. second, it feeds back like a bitch. if you even approach your amplifier, from a stack to a 15 watt practice amp, it'll start squealing like the tires of a getaway car. of course, this suits my band's style, as i like to use feedback as another instrument, much like sonic youth. i even do the stupid thing and play through a sunn beta-lead hundred watt head with an ampeg 4x12, but we all do what we need to do. i guess the basic rule should be, treat it like an emporer regent for feedback, and don't forget about it. i wonder if the fiberboard body causes all this? even so, i like the sound, as it's very unique.


yeah, i use this guitar live, every week. it's not my primary, but i use it in a few songs and as a general backup (my primary is a mid-80s telecaster). it's very light, on account of it being hollow and no wider than a regular telecaster. thus, endurance isn't an issue. you have to be carefull, though, as i'm afraid the fiberboard it's constucted of wouldn't take a full on puncture wound from a bass headstock very well. that being said, i play on very small stages, and because i'm consious of what i'm doing, i'm okay. i wouldn't use this guitar without a backup, as the tremelo bridge causes it to go out of tune even when the tremelo arm isn't attached, but it's nice to have with you behind the set.

General Comments

well, i've been playing for 10 years or so, and i've had my share of cheap guitars, including a rare japanese jazzmaster clone with 5 single coils and piano keys built in, which i kick myself everyday for getting rid of, but this is by far the most usefull of all my cheap japanese guitars. i also have a telecaster, and esp sg clone, a yamaha strat clone, and 3 acoustics. this one, though, with it's paint job, gets the most looks. so, i guess i lucked out when i got this. i don't think i could replace it if it was stolen, it may be one of a kind, i don't know, and to be honest, i'm not sure i'd buy another. i'd probably get a thinline tele instead, but while it functions, i'm going to enjoy my little daimond. p.s., if anyone who reads this has any information on this guitar, please mail me.

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