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Sound Quality

I play a 2004 Les Paul custom (with WCR Fillmores - yes!) through some things - compressor, blues driver, crybaby, then chorus, flange and delay in the loop - and i think i can literally do anything with it. (the Les Paul kind of limits rythmn-playing flexibility, but that's not the amp's "fault"). I play classic rock (stones, allmans, dead, VU, Floyd) and blues mostly, but have an appetite for almost anything. This amp is VERY powerful for its size and has handled any live situation I've put it in. The clean channel is really something. It can be so bright it shatters glass or so growly you're looking over your shoulder. The gain is not as warm and bluesy as i'd like at the lower settings (hence the BD2) but screams at high levels such that no off-board stuff could possibly be necessary unless you're a metal player (and even then...). The reverb is great, though I don't use it heavily. I like a small dose and some delay so the sound "sticks" but too much reverb--which you can definitely dial up here--sounds too affected for me.


Always a risk but it's never caused me any trouble in roughly three years of gigs and prax.

General Comments

Mentioned most of my gear up top. I also have an SG and a PRS with P-90's in it; both sound great through this amp.

I compared it Vox, Mesa and Fender amps and just liked its power and clarity better.

Now that they've fixed the loop buffer problem, there's nothing I would change (wish I'd bought it post-fix).

It is a real honey. Would definitely buy another.

Since my review is so glowing, some might wonder why I put it up. Well, Bogner seems relatively boutiquey and I like to give guys who make a great product props in hopes that they can keep doing so, rather than go dark doing the right thing.

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