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Squier Tele Custom Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

For a long time I thought the pickups sounded the same, just muddier in the neck and more ice pickish in the bridge. But after adjusting the pickup height and finding an overdrive pedal that complimented the sound I'm pretty happy with the pickups. On clean settings the neck pickup is wonderful. The bridge pickup is a bit anemic. With mild overdrive the neck pup gets warm and fat. Think of an SG with the tone rolled off a hair. The bridge pickup isn't great, but it gets the job done. The guitar would really bennifit from better quality pickups and pots.


This guitar takes abuse and smiles. It will ask you if that's all you got and give you the Bruce Lee crazy eye look like he gave in Enter the Dragon. I try to take good care of my gear, but sometimes bad stuff happens, like drunk people at house parties deciding to start slam dancing in the living room. It's worse when you're the drunk that knocked over you're own guitar, and the cymbals etc... Other then the jack cup issue, the guitar still looks and plays as good or better then new.

General Comments

This is a second review for more of a long term opinion. If you're on the fence about this guitar but think it looks "cool" you might be a bit dissapointed. Even at the paltry sum of $200 there are better playing and sounding guitars out there. If you're a Tele player and want to add a different sound to your line-up this is a great addition. The shortcomings are fairly mild and for a couple hundred dollars you could really make a nice little axe out of it. It's really grown on me and I think it would be worth the investment. Another bonus is that the routing will accomadate Buckers or P-90's (obviously since the Custom II has P-90's).

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