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Ibanez Artcore AF75 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play rock and roll, punk, and blues (ussually not all at the same time). This guitar smokes! I'm mainly a rhthym player. I use a lot of barre chords, jazz chords, and of course "powerchords". This guitar resonates and responds well to your input. Play it with a light touch and it has a sweet mellow tone. Put a little snap into your picking and it snaps back. With finger picking, it's very responsive. Crank up the tube amp and you get a very musical distortion, very mid sounding and un-shredder like (Think George Thorogood and the Destroyers!). There is a feedback issue, but hey, if you expect a hollow-body to not feedback with the gain cranked your expectations of a entry priced hollowbody are WAY to high!


I don't think this guitar will take the same amount of abuse as your average solid body, so if you're rough on guitars you may want to hold off on buying a hollowbody, however considering the price, maybe you can afford to abuse it? That being said, I think this guitar will last a very long time if properly cared for. Hollowbody's require a little more care then a solidbody. The finsih is very thick and lusterous (maybe too much so for some) I'm sure people will outgrow their guitar and want a gibson or gretsch before they were down the finish!

General Comments

I've been playing for 17 years, and played in bands for the last 15 years. I've owned a very long list of gear, but I've got it down to a couple of Tele's and now the AF75. I play through an old peavey classic with a turbo-rat by pro-co, or a Fender Blues JR when I'm playing in the garage. This guitar has a great "rockabilly" sound and feel, if you like Stray Cats, The Reverand etc, you will like this guitar. Also, for punk I think this guitar sounds great. Like I mentioned earlier, I can play chords in any position comfortably. This access to the upper frets is limited, but if you play old school blues and jazz it aint no thang. If your a shredder, you might just have to work harder or figure out other ways to shred (CC DeVille used to shred on a white falcon!). I've played on similar Gibson and Gretschs Re-Issue's and this guitar is definatley in the same league as them with the possible exception of the Pickups. But this guitar is a great bang for the buck purchase. Especially if you buy a used one. If you're a tweaker you can load this thing up with whatever pickups you want and still not have a lot of money into it.

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